Online Developer Plus, Inc.

Online Developer Plus, Inc.

Mission Statement

The U.S. Bureau of Labor projects that up to one million jobs for programming will go unfilled by 2020.

Online Developer Plus, Inc., a company with three Microsoft alumni partners, offers online courses covering several areas of the software industry, such as Python programming and artificial intelligence, to colleges, individuals, and companies. Our self-paced online courses are designed to provide the necessary information for students to obtain a position in the Hi-Tech industry. We are partnered with several national employment agencies.

Students can earn a Certificate and become certified if they pass the final online test. They will earn college course credits for each course when they take the course from our college partners. Great move from product support jobs or to earn a promotion to Developer or Program Manager by taking the Software Test Development Engineer program. Also our Program Manager course covers more information about the Cloud. The Python Programming course is perfect for individuals to update their programming skills. If they already know C++, C or C# the Python Programming course will take less time to learn.

Our Corporate program with group pricing is great for employment agencies that would like to update workers’ skills.

ODP, Inc. Courses & Prices:

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courses flow chart
Course Tuition
Software Test Development Engineer
Basic Python Programming $1,995.00
Software Test Development Engineer $2,495.00
Tuition Package $3,995.00
Basic Python Programming
Basic Python Programming $1,995.00
Python Libraries and Machine Learning Included in Package
Tuition Package $2,495.00
Program Manager
Program Management $2,495.00
Software Test Development Engineer $2,495.00
Tuition Package $4,595.00
Artificial Intelligence and Python
Intro to Artificial Intelligence $2,495.00
Basic Python Programming $1,995.00
Python Libraries and Machine Learning Included in Package
Tuition Package $4,595.00

Intel Partner in Artificial Intelligence

Estimated Salaries for Job Positions

Software Test Developer Engineer $ 75K to $ 120K
Program Manager $ 106K to $ 174K
Artificial Intelligence $ 91K to $ 250K
Python Language $ 116K to $ 150K

For more information about the courses go to the free seminar page.

Payment, We accept:

Merchant Equipment Store Credit Card Logos

Please see our enrollment page for more information.

Training Materials

Special online software that provides an instructor’s voice to a Microsoft PowerPoint slide shows

Classes are taken online using a Desktop PC with speakers or Laptop PC

Sales and Information: 425.305.8155


Jesica Sartell - National Director of Sales

Jesica has 15+ years of enterprise sales and marketing experience, with an emphasis on software and technology sales to medical and surgical markets. She brings Fortune 100 (Microsoft, Xerox, 3M), Mid-market, and Start-up Company sales experience and a consistent record of leading teams in revenue attainment, closing complex orders, and managing territories on a regional and national level.

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Mark Kembel - Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO. He has owned for seven years selling and marketing Web Development and Software Testing courses. I foresee a big demand for Artificial Intelligence, Python Programmers, Software Test Development Engineers and Program Managers. I have seven years experience in the technology training business and have trained hundreds of software testers for the Volt Microsoft account. Mark also tested Windows 2.0 & 3.0 printing for 3 years and later managed Windows 95 printer testing for over 3 years at Microsoft. Our online program allows us to train and test students skills over the internet.

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Help Wanted:

Business Development Manager to call colleges to sign up for our college program and recruiting firms selling our online courses. Perfect job for a technical recruiter. Included is $50K of stock options that vest in three years. Contact Mark Kembel at for information. Work from home will supply laptop and iPhone. Good job for women with kids.

Randy Gerl - Executive Technical Assistant

Randy Gerl has done software test development, software testing, and other jobs for 14 years at Microsoft. He was in charge of the test teams for both Windows 3.x printing and the Windows 95 setup install program. Software test development includes the creation of Windows applications for numerous testing related tasks, utilities for the Windows 95 and 3.X groups, as well the creation and management of test labs for Windows 3.X printing and division wide testing of the Windows 95 Setup program. Additional teaching related experience from writing a text book on relativistic physics for beginning students.

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Brian Kidd - Web Developer

Brian is a Web and Multimedia Developer who for the last six years has enthusiastically applied his developing and design skills to meet all of his clients’ needs, including Online Developer Plus, Inc. Besides web developing, Brian's professional background includes journalism, music production, data entry, sales, and corporate communications. This makes him an approachable developer and communicator who enjoys making ideas and visions become tangible and effective realities.

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