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Online Developer Plus, Inc.

Program Manager

In a software company the Program Manager works with both development and testing. They also deal with the two teams with their scheduling milestones. A Program Manager is responsible for ensuring all goals and deadlines are met plus the product ship date. We designed the Program Manager course for individuals that want to work for a software development company and for those who want to be a Program Manager in the Cloud industry selling their software services.

If a software product deals with hardware like printers from the vendor than they work with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers). They are responsible for legal contracts and all issues deal in this area with there company’s attorneys. PM’s also write the functional specifications of the product and or coding product.

A Program Manager’s job is a combination of both Project and Product manager skills. They develop the Functional Specification for the software product and we detail what is in the document.

They sometimes do code reviews of critical programmers coding. In some software companies they do Manager reports to the Vice President level, Director or the Lead Project Manager.


Experience working as a programmer and software tester with management or lead experience of these two jobs a plus. It is recommended for students to take the Basic Python Programming and Software Test Development Engineer course because it has a lot of information such as the shipping schedule, test plan information and programming.