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Basic Python Programming

Lesson Topics:

  • Lesson 1: Overview of Basic Programming Concepts
  • Lesson 2: The Python Interpreter, reserved keywords, Hello world and Main programs
  • Lesson 3: Python identifiers, comments, code blocks, instructions, and scope.
  • Lesson 4: Python arithmetic, comparison, logic, bitwise, assignment and membership operators.
  • Lesson 5: Python data, number, lists and tuple types
  • Lesson 6: Python strings and sets
  • Lesson 7: Python arrays, input, output, importation and files
  • Lesson 8: The Python range function, if, for, while, break and continue statements

This introduction to Python programming language covers some of the basic syntax used in creating Python programs. Familiarity with other programming languages will make learning this material easier and such users can bypass the basic programming concepts to be covered presently. But users with no familiarity with any programming language should carefully understand the basic programming concepts to be covered presently. A computer program is a file that tells a computer what to do. The file can be an executable file that tells the computer hardware directly what to do or it can be a file that tells an interpreter the things that the computer hardware should do. Computer programs can get input as well as produce output when they are running on a computer. A programming language, like Python, is a computer language that computer programmers use in order to create the file that tells the computer hardware what to do. Creating this file contains entails three major steps. Also, this course is a requirement for the Software Test Development Engineer, Artificial Intelligence and Program Manager courses.

First, design the program. This means creating any algorithms that are needed and settling on a structure or architecture that the program will use. Second, implement the coding according to the design established in the first step. Third, test the program to ensure that it functions reliably.